Veröld Fjördísar

þriðjudagur, mars 11, 2003

Today is David Anders' birthday! Congratulations Sark! To honor him on this great day, I will blog in English, since he might stumble upon this and read it (riiiiight...).
Anyways, today has been pretty exhausting, a bit frustrating, and then a bit joyous. First, I only slept two hours because I was reading the Driver's Manual for the driver's test I was supposed to take today. And then I had insomnia. Classes this morgning were alright, I was planning on skipping my 2 o'clock Media Law class so Anisa could drive me to Villa Rica to take the written part of the test. But when I came here, I couldn't find her - and she was looking for me at the wrong place! We finally found each other (once again, lack of cellphones...) and she told me at 1:58 that she couldn't take me over there until later, because she had to pick up Lexie. So I decided to run to my class - which was a good decision because we have a big test coming up Thursday!
After the class, I came here, got all of my documents and Anisa drove me to the DMV. It's about a 40 min. ride and she didn't mind because it's such a pretty day outside :) Then I get there, stand in line, only to find out that I couldn't take the stupid test because a) I didn't have a certified letter from the school saying that I lived on campus (despite my 2 bank statements and paychecks that I brought with me for that purpose alone...) and b) there wasn't enougt time for me to wait for an open slot. So I need to go back tomorrow. For real people - this is ridiculous! I need to be there at 9 am to wait all day until they can squeeze me in, and it's not like I can just drive there on my car since the car you take the test on must have insurance (the worst Catch 22...). So I would have find somebody to take me there in the morning and wait all day with me until I could take the test (because you have to provide your own car to take the performance test on). And although I have nice friends, I just can't expect that from them. So, on the way back, I stopped at Enterprise and rented a car for tomorrow. That should solve all my problems (hopefully... *crosses fingers*)!

So now I'm back here - I have to write a 10 page paper, study for a mid-term in Advanced Comm. Skills, go to a mandatory international meeting (new requirements from the immigration demons) and a staff meeting! And it's already 6 pm! Good grief I must stop rambling on and get to it.
I celebrated David's birthday today by going to Wherehouse music and buy a ReHab CD. It was on sale since they're closing the store - and goddammit I deserved a new CD!

Anywho - me leave now. Buh Bye...